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Recruitment & training

Recruitment = revitalization

Firms closures or staff reductions are regulated and industrial groups have to facilitate the revitalization of the territory. For that, they have the legal obligation to create a fund that will help financially firms to create jobs, complete their development projects and investments.
Today, we are working with Renault or Cooper Standard Automotive. Your company, on conditions, will be granted for subventions.

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Maison des compétences

This structure has been initiated by the Communauté de Communes Caux Vallée de Seine. Its objectives are to help firms to recruit, anticipate the economicals mutations and enhance people skills.

Proposed services:
• Supporting you in your recruitment formalities (job offers, meeting rooms, information…)
• Information about recruitment, human resources management, seniors’ or disabled employability…)
• Consulting on training projects
• Consulting on available incentives

Tools and animations:
• Information meetings, exchanges and feed backs on different topics linked to firms...
• Documentary Resources Center about jobs, legislation, professional training, human resources management,...
• Rooms for training, meetings or conferences
• Forums to promote your jobs, your activities...
• Observatory on jobs, training in the area