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Quality of life

Housing & living environment
Maison basse consommation

The territory, on which the CSd Agency acts, participates in the elaboration of the Land development plan (SCoT in French).

The territory has a low-cost real estate housing offer: for example, one sq/m² of apartment is almost twice cheaper than in the rest of Normandy (1,270€ compared to 2,210€ on average in 2006) - AURH source, Perval - 2006.
In addition with these attractive prices, eco-disctricts are created for a couple of years : sustainable development is a daily priority!

Maison cauchoise traditionnelle
Coaching, training, employment & social life

The development of employment policy, training and an insertion is the main priority for the "Communauté de communes".

Maison des compétences

Maison des compétences
It is a strong demonstration of the work of coordination led on & by the territory.
Numerous services are also granted to the population, such an itinerant day nursery, cyber public spots, a medical sports center and numerous intermunicipal swimming pools...

Tourism & leisure activities

The North of the area is characterized with its sea sides, beaches and the famous Château de Sissi in Sassetot-le-Mauconduit.
There are more than 20 châteaux and 10 manors classified as Historic Monuments. It is more than 100 accomodation sports close to the sea, the Seine River or the forest.

More information on the website of The Caux Vallée de Seine Tourism Office.