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Enhance your network

Meeting program

CSd initiated a visits’ program with business owners and managers for its all territory. The main goal for those visits is to create and develop a network for companies and also to facilitate the relationship between companies and administration.

Every meeting is the occasion to come back on the company’s past, the reasons why it was decided to locate in this area. We are talking about future projects and developments. This moment of privilege is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and CSd to connect and to answer questions, etc.

Business clubs

Some business clubs are available and enhance the economics of our territory:
• Club Entreprises du Canton de Valmont
• Réseau Entreprendre Seine Estuaire (RESE) allows entrepreneurs to be coached by confirmed business owners
• Plato: the consular club, facilitate interactions between owners and managers of all sectors
• The association of Port-Jérôme companies mainly dealing with security, environment and technical issues.
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Association des entreprises de Port Jérôme
Partner’s back up

Main players, members of the association (Rouen Port Authorities, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fécamp/Bolbec and 4 "Communautés de Communes": Caux Vallée de Seine, Coeur de Caux, Campagne de Caux and Canton de Valmont) meet each other frequently on diverse topics. Economic development just can be done in harmony if all players are in concertation sharing information and experiences.

réseau des partenaires du développement économique