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Our missions

The agency

Created in 2008, Caux Seine développement is in charge of the economic development for:
• Communauté de communes Caux vallée de Seine
• Communauté de communes Coeur de Caux
• Communauté de communes Campagne de Caux
• Communauté de communes du Canton de Valmont
• The Port of Rouen Authorities (Le Grand Port Maritime de Rouen)
• The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fécamp/Bolbec

The agency helps you for:
• Supporting your creation and/or development of firms
• Real estate for public greenfield on activities area
• Buildings to rent or buy, workshops/offices, public or private
• Financial engineering
• Support for administrative procedures

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Detail of the missions

Promote the territory and encourage its economic development
The agency has to propose actions for its territories, it has to be the interface between member who decide and vote the actions to issue in terms of prospective, territorial marketing and local development.

Draw up and implement actions of economic development
The agency has to prepare and lead the economic development commision that will garantee and amend projects before presentation...

Stimulate the emergence of new fields of activity
The agency has to anticipate economic mutation in relation with the reduction of production and consumption of fossil resources. New materials and sustainable energies are some relevant focus that could be new fields of activity. The introduction of the industrial ecology concept will allow the creation of new relation schemes between producers and consumers.

Manage the development of activities zones and infrastructures
To each project has to correspond a need in land or premises. Caux Seine développement initiate with the company the search for the best location analyzing the possibilities of arrangements (land development for example).
The agency is also in charge of future business zones.

Support companies of its territories
Perpetuity and development of actual local companies is mandatory; Relationships between players too. Internationally or regionally, Caux Seine développement share its know-how on all kind of projects.

Prospect and welcome new businesses
From the idea to the first day of operation, Caux Seine développement offers support, offices, workshop or greenfield on economical zones.