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Economy and industry sectors

Caux Seine development provides its services for a 900 km² (347 mi²) wide region located in Normandy and where almost 100,000 inhabitants live.
5,000 companies (shops excluded) are doing business there and hiring 30,000 people. Furthermore, the region is one of the most industrial area in France with a strong know how in energy, mechanics, aeronautic and logistics.


Manage the exchanges and organize the distribution on the axis of the Seine River, from Port of Le Havre’s hinterland, becomes possible thanks to the large-scale land available and to the premises on our business parks.
Our territory has intermodal facilities (road/river). We have secured infrastructures. There are more than 150,000sq/m of warehouses and 300,000sq/m forecasted. You will find resources and scientists dedicated to logistics as Logistique Seine Normandie, the representative of the Norman logistics field, the engineering in logistics school called ISEL, Nov@log the pole of competitiveness dedicated to logistics and the CRITT transport & logistics (Regional Center for Innovation and technology transfers) which offers you advices and modern solutions for performance.


Key figures for Normandy:
• 1st rank in France for oil industry,
• 35% of the country refining capacity,
• 80% of the country’s output in oils and additives,
• 50% of the country’s output in plastics material and elastomers

The seine valley, especially Le Havre – Port Jérôme – Rouen is a major location for chemicals, petrochemicals and oil refining activities. Indeed, major players are very present here. The entire sector is implemented on almost 1 500 ha (3 700 acres) and hires more than 4 000 people there.

Energy and materials

Some history… During the first half of the 20th century, the region was a major area in Europe for the textile industry as for refining and petrochemicals industry. However, in spite of this strong industrial development, the region has kept rich agricultural culture, know-how and resources. Consequently, using its strong experience in industry and its resources, the region claims to develop new opportunities especially in:
• Sustainable energy as biofuel, which is now product from wheat. Innovation is working on a new process using non alimentary resources. Moreover, the region is now exploring opportunities to develop solar and wind energy. Our area, closed to the channel, has strong wind energy potential.
• Biosourced polymer materials have similar, or even superior, properties than fossil based ones. Those natural polymers are biodegradable and light. Industries such as automotive and aeronautic are on demand for such specifications. A strong partnership between agricultural sector and industry will provide a good support for the growth of those activities.

Innovation is the key to success. Consequently, the region has to attract and retain research and development departments by providing the best environment to lead them to wealth and success.


Fly to the future with aeronautics... Essentially located on a touristic city named Caudebec-en-Caux, the main players lead the territory on the national and international level, through their participations in important civil and military programs (landing gears, auxiliary power units, maintenance for the auxiliary engines, etc.)
With recognized skills due to 90 years of history and from a strong reputation in the world, this field of activity is mainly strong for exportation.
"Normandy AeroSpace" gets its structure around 15 establishments agreed on a charter of progress. This association is in connection with training institutions to answer the needs and to promote the sector toward young talents.